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 Let us clean scareware (fake security software), adware, spyware, trojans, viruses, keyloggers, homepage hijackers, desktop hijackers, unauthorized dialers, pop-up messengers, IP blasters, boot bugs, cookies, registry tweekers, unauthorized porn icons, and casino ads from your systems. From a netbook in a home, to a high-powered work station in a high-tech office, our Security+ malware, spyware and virus removal experts are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

Spyware Removal

We eliminate spyware and adware which can track you and make you vulnerable to Nigerian 419s, Advanced Fee Fraud, Identity Theft, Lottery Scams, Phony Auctions, Spam, etc.:

  • Spyware is software that is usually secretly installed on your system without permission. It tracks your sytem usage activity and reports it online to another party. Usually the information collected is not private information, but information such as your Web viewing habits and so forth. Still, you did not authorize this activity, and you don't want spyware!
  •  Spyware can also "hijack" your system, causing annoying and unwanted popup messages even when you never open your browser. It can also change your default home page and add links to your favorites and desktop.
  • There are numerous spyware removal utilities such as AVG and Registry Mechanic, and while these are reasonably effective tools at removing spyware they don't remove everything. Contact us to clean your system of all traces of spyware!
  • We also: 
  • Diagnose any repairs that are required and provide estimates for those repairs. 
  • Implement management control of all project activities.
  • Prepare and implement subcontract agreements and purchase orders.


Virus Removal

We have experience removing the following virus types: 

  • Boot Sector - A Boot Sector Virus infects the system area of a floppy or hard drive, or the part that is accessed when your computer is first turned on. Infection usually occurs when booting from an infected disk.
  • File Infector Viruses - Most of these viruses reside in the memory of a computer and infect programs' .exe and .com files.
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Viruses Similar to a Boot Sector viruses, these viruses infect the Master Boot Record and prevent your PC from booting.
  • Multi-partite viruses - These viruses infect both the boot record and program files.
  • Macro viruses - Macro Viruses are prevalent in corporate environments where office applications are used, usually Microsoft Office(Word and Excel). They use a program's code to infect data files.
  • Trojan Horse Viruses - These viruses do not replicate themselves. Instead, they often pose as a harmless file that is downloaded from the web or from an e-mail attachment. These programs can result in the theft or destruction of data files. This type of virus is commonly picked up from peer to peer file sharing programs.
  • Worms & Viruses - Worms replicate themselves without using a host file and can spread very quickly across the internet by releasing documents it has infected.
  • In addition we provide: 
  • Driver Identification, search, download and installation.
  • Data Backup to CD, DVD or External HD
  • Contact the manufacturer on the customers behalf to handle warranty issues.

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Our services include:


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