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Protect what you value most! Protect your children with online child protection, secure your data with online backup, surf the web anonymously, detect malicious activity as it is occuring. We offer security software that provides total protection from most common threats. Remotely connect from anywhere in the world. Optimize, diagnose, recover, repair, your system...by all means, click on the links below and place your order. Your needs are met 24/7.
If your PC is connected to the internet, uses e-mail, has software of an unknown origin installed and comes into contact with recordable media (jump drives, dvd’s,Cd’s, etc) AntiMalware protection is a requirement. You need this to prevent attacks through e-mail (and/or attachments sent with e-mail) and surfing the web.They also help you eradicate infections which are the result of security holes and bugs in software. (The e-mail, web surfing and software holes and bugs result in the most serious internet attacks.)  
Update Your Software
It's unfortunate that Internet programs are full of adware and spyware. If you have antivirus or antispyware software, your first order of business is to update your software. In these economic times, you may not have the funds to update or purchase so for ‘Home Users’ you can download, install and update ‘AVG’ free version from www.download.com. You can get a free firewall (Zonealarm for ‘Home Users’) also from the same sight. Additional software is available from:
                                    - Avira Antivirus     Free Version for ‘Home User’   PC                        
                                                               Free 30 Day Trial                    PC 
                                    - ESET                 Free 30 Day Trial                    PC or MAC 
                                    - Kaspersky          Free 30 Day Trial                    PC or MAC 
                                    - Spyware Doctor   Free Scan, Free Trial              PC  
Anti-Malware Protection for your Smartphone and Mobile Devices 
Crackers can download rogue software (which they can get for a few hundred dollars), using only a ‘target’ cell number (that allows you to send a text message to theTarget number). The phone does not know it has been sent a message. The software infiltrates the target phones software, turning it into a spy phone. It then uploads numbers that are contacted when a call is made by the infected phone and automatically reads text messages. The program also attaches itself to the target phones Unique number, so changing the SIM card will have no effect. Once a new SIM card is inserted, the rogue program will reestablish the infection process. This makes it A great idea to consider using: 
- AVG Mobilation      Free Version                          Android 
- Lookout Mobile       Free Version                          Android 
- F-Secure                Free Trial                               Android 
- Kaspersky              Free Trial                               Android 
Fake security software (Scareware) infects your system and makes you pay a ransom to clean up the mess. ‘Free' is a word on the net that users have been Conditioned to ‘Click’ with caution. You can be assured you are in the downloading malware zone (especially) with games, music, and porn. Some programs are decent enough to give you the option of opting out of installing their adware during the installation process, but how many users actually pay attention during the multiple dialogs that appear when installing a new application? 


Protect the contents of your devices, enable safe mobile web browsing, and get assistance if your device is lost or stolen.


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Mobile Security
Secure Your Mobile Devices
 You make calls, send SMSs, browse the web and communicate via social networks every day. Your smartphone is your life. Kaspersky Mobile Security keeps your private life truly private.

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Internet Security for your MAC


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 Norton Mac Products.


Mobile/Smartphone Security


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