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FACT: 89% of all Consumer PC's are infected with Malware.


Your AntiMalware Suites are only as strong as their latest update.

Nobody Wants to Fight But,

These 'Top' AntiMalware Suites 'Know How'!

Let Them Do It For You!

1.   Kaspersky eStore Kaspersky - Excellent performance at a cost of $60 (Lic). My personal

                              favorite... Excellent in detecting and disabling malware, while providing

                              outstanding online protection.             

2.      Symantec Norton Logo Norton - Excellent performance at a cost of $70 (for 3 Lic). Stands alone in 

                                detecting and disabling malware, but has trouble removing fake antivirus or 

                                malware once it invades a system. Great antivirus and spyware remover...

                                (Still a resource hog) and you need Norton removal tool to get it off your

                                system if it expires.

3.   AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.  AVG - Great performance at a cost of $44. Detects over 90% of all malware

                                infections and includes linkscanner which looks for and scrubs malicious

                                content from websites before it infects your browser (allowing you to continue

                                to view the questionable site). 

4.     Pctools - Great performance at a cost of $50. Detects and disables all active

                                infections (viruses and spyware - and I mean everything) and removes over

                                60%. Actually maximizes your PCs speed / performance.

5.   BitDefender Virenschutzlösungen  Bit Defender - Great performance at a cost of $50 (3 PC Lic). Slow

                                 installation and licensing. Very fast scanner (Engineering at its best)

                                 finds all infections and registry entries and disinfects over 90%.

Honorable Mention

*** Panda Security : Logo  PandaSecurity - Great Performance at a cost of $70 (3 PC Lic). This would be 6 if

                              this were the top ten. Detects and disables 90% of malware infections with great


*** Trend Micro Home & Home Office  Trend Micro - Very Good performance at a cost of $70. Detects all infections and

                              disables almost 90% of malware.


Special Mention - May not have identity protection or parental controls but these 3 will keep viruses,

spyware and malware off your hard drive and provide great overall protection due to their 'Strong

specific' antimalware strengths.

                                  Eset, F-Secure and Zone Alarm.

ESET - Download NOD32 Here!                       F-Secure Internet Security                           Internet Security

***All Suites were tested against the suite of tools from The Spycar Project (Spycar.org). These suites are Detecting and Blocking Malware and Rootkits Faster Than Ever!