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Strong parental controls are a standout feature on this software.


Firewall protection and a spam filter aren’t supported on Symbian or Windows

Mobile operating systems.

The Verdict

BullGuard Mobile Security is the best mobile security application because of its

parental controls and ability to support several devices.


The spread of viruses and online fraud such as identity theft are no longer

restricted to just computers. Smartphones are becoming prime targets for these

malicious bugs because of the large amount of personal data stored and the

simplicity of spreading these viruses from device to device. BullGuard Mobile

Security 10 is the best mobile security software to protect your device and the

information you have stored inside. This mobile security software is honored for its

ability to provide support to more than 80 percent of the cell phone market, such

as Androids, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry operating systems. It

also offers anti-theft features and parental controls.


This mobile security software shields your phone’s data from viruses, Trojans and

worms. These viruses can spread from text or media messages, email, Bluetooth or

internet downloads. BullGuard Mobile Security 10 protects your phone from these

viruses using real-time detection. Real time immediately scans any files entering

your device, preventing any harmful viruses from infecting your phone.

This mobile security software program also offers firewall protection. This

protection sets up a barrier around ports on your device so malicious information

cannot enter your cell phone. Firewalls let you decide what content enters or does

not enter your phone and places a shield over your signal so you cannot be found

from public networks. Also, if you are tired of getting those annoying sales calls

or unwanted text messages, BullGuard Mobile Security 10 offers a spam filter that

allows you to block certain phone calls or text messages. However, both the firewall

protection and the spam filter are only available on phones using Symbian or Windows

Mobile operating systems.


One of the standout features available on the BullGuard Mobile Security 10 is its

superb parental controls. To use the parental control feature, you set up an online

account that allows you to monitor your child’s cell phone activity. This allows

you to control your child’s internet use and prevents him or her from viewing

pornography or other indecent material while using the internet on their cell

phone. Parental controls let you see whether pictures or blocked calls are being

monitored. It allows you to review pictures and messages being sent to and from the


If your cell phone is lost or stolen, there are numerous features you can take

advantage of with this mobile security software. You can log on to your online

account and lock or wipe the data on your device or use the GPS functions to find

the location of your phone. When you lock your phone, you place a password on

the device so nobody can browse or steal any data or information without entering

in the correct password.

Wiping the device using BullGuard Mobile Security 10 is ideal if you know the phone

has been stolen. You can clear all the information and data on your phone –

contacts, pictures, text messages, emails, etc. An extensive backup system is

available on the BullGuard Mobile Security 10, which allows you to save your

information onto your online account. This feature can be a personal lifesaver if

you lose a significant amount of data, because you will have all your information

readily available to you.

Ease of Use

Regular scans on your mobile device are crucial in finding malware that has entered

your cell phone. Aside from the real-time protection offered by this mobile security

software, BullGuard Mobile Security 10 allows you to scan your phone for viruses

whenever you would like. The software also features scheduled scans, meaning the

phone will scan itself on a regular basis. On several similar software applications,

scanning your device can be complex and often a long process, but this software

makes it simple and offers step-by-step guides in their online support

documentation help to simplify the process for you.

Once you have BullGuard Mobile Security 10 installed and running, you do not have

to turn on the protection each time you turn on your cellular phone. The mobile

security software runs silently in the background with no user intervention. You

just set it and you are good to go.

Installation & Updates

There are two different methods to install this mobile security software on your

cell phone. The first is to install BullGuard Mobile Security 10 directly onto

your device. To install it, you connect your mobile device directly to the internet.

You log onto the BullGuard website and follow the links and instructions available.

The second option is to download through a computer. First, you must connect your

cellular device to a computer, log onto the website, and follow the instructions to

download the software onto your computer. Installing the software on your phone is

a quick, simple process and should go smoothly.

For your mobile security software to run at its full potential, BullGuard Mobile

Security 10 must be regularly updated. The software will regularly update itself

when your phone is connected to the internet. If you don’t have continuous internet

access, each time you gain internet connectivity, the software will check for

updates. If you want to look for any available updates or change the way your

device updates itself, you can follow the step-by-step instructions in the

BullGuard support section on the website.

Technical Help & Support

We were impressed with all of the help and support given by BullGuard. For any

questions or concerns, email and live chat support are provided. Both support

systems were responsive to our concerns and provided us with the information we


BullGuard's support team answered our questions with full details in a timely

matter. There is a vast selection of online help for this mobile security software.

There is a search toolbar on each webpage to help you narrow down your search and

find exactly what you are looking for. User guides are also provided which offer

step-by-step help for installing, scanning and updating the software on your device.

We found the manuals to be thorough, but if you still have unanswered questions,

you can always use their live chat support or send an email. BullGuard also provides

a FAQs section on their website for any common questions you may have. The FAQs

section answers a variety of basic questions for each type of mobile operating

system and gives several step-by-step directions for users.




The BullGuard Mobile Security 10 is a great improvement from its predecessors. In
areas where the BullGuard Mobile Security software was previously lacking, this
updated version has filled in the gaps. This software covers a large cell phone
market and can support most of the large operating systems. The firewall protection
and real-time protection are great assets to this mobile security software, along
with parental controls and anti-theft features such as remote blocks and wipes.
The backup system was intuitive and easy to use, as was installing and updating
BullGuard Mobile Security 10 on the mobile device.

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