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Kaspersky does a very good job when it comes to malware, theft or loss and can be
used to locate a missing phone or child.
This mobile security software is available only for Windows Mobile and Symbian OS
The Verdict
Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is one of the top smartphone security packages
available. It helps keep device, data and people secure.

Overall Rating
Kaspersky has taken their antivirus expertise and transferred it to the mobile
world. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is the most complete and thorough security
solution for your mobile device, honored for superior mobile security software.
With this program, your mobile phone is protected from the inside-out. Not only
will your smartphone be equipped to defend against mobile malware, but it is
also protected from physical theft. Kaspersky’s smartphone security package
is the most complete mobile protection available delivering valuable protection
and peace of mind.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is complete and effective. Users have access to antivirus
protection as well as firewall settings. Furthermore, Kaspersky’s security solution
decreases annoying, and potentially harmful, mobile spam messages.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is constantly working in the background and offers
real-time protection from malware. When an infected file is found, you decide
whether to delete it immediately, let it pass or quarantine it. The quarantine
area will keep the file intact should you decide to open it later, while
eliminating any current threat.
With this program, your internal memory and memory cards can be scanned and will be
further protected from viruses. In order to eliminate or decrease spam, users can
designate specific sources from which they can either block or accept messages.
Phone numbers you don’t trust or have received spam from before can be placed on a
blacklist. Place family and friends on a white list and their messages will always
come through. You can even designate which types of messages (SMS or MMS) to allow
or block for each source.
The program protects your smartphone from physical as well as digital threats.
Kaspersky incorporates anti-theft protection along with antivirus solutions.
Whether by accident or direct theft, if your smartphone is not with you, your
information is at risk. Kaspersky puts control of your mobile phone at your
fingertips, even if your phone is out of your hands. In the event of loss, you are
able to send a hidden SMS message that can either block your data or completely
remove it from not only your phone, but from the memory card as well.
In the event that the device is lost or stolen, this program, in concert with GPS
and Google Maps, can help you locate it. When used on a child’s phone, this
advanced capability can be used to locate him whether he’s in danger or just late
for dinner.
Another anti-theft feature that Kaspersky includes is SIM Watch. When a thief
removes your SIM card and replaces it with another, the phone automatically sends
you the new telephone number, without the thief's knowledge, so you can track
down the thief and your phone. The function can also be set to completely disable
the device.
Ease of Use

Kaspersky’s Mobile Security is simple and easy to use. The interface is
straightforward and intuitive to navigate. You can easily schedule virus scans for
specific times, or perform an on-demand scan whenever you want. Scans and the
actions taken are kept and reported in an activity log.
The application is specifically designed for mobile platforms and doesn’t take up
too much space or other resources. Using the program does not adversely affect the
battery life of your device.
The package requires minimal user intervention as a whole. While you can customize
a variety of options and perform scans on-demand, you can also set the program to
take care of itself. With automatic updates, real-time protection, and a proper
firewall setting, you can set the program and then forget about it. Let Kaspersky
do the work for you. You won't need to worry about spending time and effort
protecting yourself.
Installation & Updates
This program is easy to install on your computer and then transfer to your mobile
device. It will work on mobile devices running on the Windows Mobile or Symbian
Operating Systems.
Updates with the most current virus protection are delivered to your phone
automatically over a wireless connection. This ensures that your phone will be
protected as soon as possible and without any extra work for you.
Technical Help & Support
Kaspersky Mobile Security is so easy to use, you won’t likely need to search for
help. But even if you do need assistance, help is never far away. Kaspersky offers
telephone, email and online support.
You can connect with a service representative directly online and get your
questions answered in a chat. Connecting with a live person took us a little while,
but the quality of service was worth the wait. The supplied user manual is thorough
and is a great resource for users as well as those interested in seeing how the
software works and what it can do.
Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is the best portable antivirus solution available. Not
only will your mobile device be protected from viruses and worms, it can also take
proactive measures if your phone is stolen. With a complete lineup of features and
an extremely easy interface, Kaspersky offers the best solution for on-the-go
security. With antivirus, anti-spam, firewall and anti-theft protection, your
smartphone is safe and secure.

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