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This software offers real-time protection to remove any suspicious files quickly
from your device.
There is no live chat support from ESET customer service.
The Verdict
ESET Mobile Security offers strong anti-theft features that make it a top product.

Overall Rating
ESET Mobile Security provides advanced protection against viruses, worms and
Trojans on your smartphone. This mobile security software offers firewall and
anti-spam protection, along with several anti-theft features. The strong
protection and outstanding feature set are just a few reasons why ESET is honored
as a winner. This software program supports both Windows Mobile and Symbian
operating systems, and if you want to ensure that this software supports your
phone, you can look at the phone compatibility list on the ESET website.


ESET Mobile Security comes with powerful antivirus protection. This protection
shields your cellular device from any suspicious or damaging files. The software
also includes firewall protection, which places a barrier on your device’s ports
and lets you monitor all messages that are received or sent from your cellular

There is also a spam filter included with this mobile security software that lets
only information you want, from individuals you trust, enter your phone. This
keeps unwanted files and messages from overrunning your inbox. This software
includes a quarantine feature that keeps suspicious files under quarantine until
you can verify they are safe.


One of the advantages to using ESET Mobile Security is its strong anti-theft
features. Cell phones are compact devices and can easily be lost or stolen. The
security system on this mobile security software makes it possible for you to wipe
all the information you have stored on the device, such as contacts, photos and
messages from a remote system. This software also has the capabilities to delete
any data that you may have stored on a memory card located in the phone.

This mobile security software has the ability to create a blacklist and whitelist
for your phone numbers. A blacklist is a list of names and phone numbers of
individuals from whom you do not want to receive any messages, phone calls or
files. A whitelist is a list of trusted individuals who you would like to accept
all messages, phone calls and files. However, even if a certain individual is on
the whitelist, the software will still scan any data they send you to make sure
it's free of malware.

Ease of Use

ESET Mobile Security offers real-time protection, meaning if a file is sent or
downloaded to the cellular phone, it is automatically scanned to ensure no virus
or suspicious material is attached. If malware is detected, the file will be
eliminated immediately. You can also run scans on your device anytime or schedule
recurring scans. ESET performs scans at a much faster pace compared to similar
mobile security software programs. Performing frequent scans is crucial to
ensuring your phone is not infected.

Installation & Updates

ESET Mobile Security is simple to install on your cellular device and can be
installed using two separate methods. One way is through installing the software
onto your computer and then syncing your cellular device with your computer. The
second option is to install the software directly onto your cell phone. You just
have to access the ESET webpage with your smartphone and follow the installation
links directly from the site.

Technical Help & Support

This mobile security software offers adequate customer support. There is email
and online support in case you need it. There is also direct access to user
manuals if you need step-by-step guidance on specific tasks such as installing,
updating or scanning for viruses. We were a little disappointed there was no live
chat support, and we couldn't easily find a telephone number to receive telephone
support. If you need an answer immediately, your only option is to find answers
yourself in the help material.


ESET Mobile Security offers those with Windows Mobile or Symbian operating systems
an overall powerful virus protector. This software offers strong anti-theft
features, such as remote wipe, and gives you the option to blacklist and whitelist
certain contacts.

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