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This Trend Micro security software features outstanding call blocking features,
 parental control tools and lost device protection.




This application is only available for Android devices.

The Verdict


Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition is an ideal application if you have
an Android smartphone and don't care about firewall protection.

If you think all of your personal information is safe on your smartphone, think
again. Viruses, spyware and many other types of malware are a threat to your
device and are closer than you would like to think. Trend Micro Mobile Security
Personal Edition provides the tools and features to keep your mobile device
protected from hackers and malicious software. This mobile security software
supports only Android devices, but it offers parental control features, call and
text blocking, and several tools to help if your smartphone is stolen or lost.
Unfortunately, even though Trend Micro offers several excellent security features,
there are several tools this application lacks.


Trend Micro Mobile Security features full protection against those viruses that
can infect and destroy your smartphone or steal data stored on your phone. This
application blocks websites that could be dangerous. Trend Micro also uses their
Smart Protection Network, which offers real-time protection. This means that
Trend Micro catches viruses immediately when they enter your Android device and
stops them from infecting your smartphone. However, we were disappointed that
this application doesn’t offer any firewall protection.


One of the benefits of using This Trend Micro mobile application is its extensive
feature set. You can block both calls and text messages using this mobile security
application. This valuable feature allows you to block unknown numbers and those
callers you would rather avoid talking to.

There are also excellent parental control features available on this mobile
security software. Using these controls, you can block websites and control who
your child is calling and texting. You can also set the protection level on the
mobile device to match the age of your child, so the younger the child is, the
more protection he or she will receive.

If your Android smartphone is lost or stolen, there are several features available
to protect your personal information and even help you find your lost phone. Trend
Micro Mobile Security lets you lock and even wipe the device remotely. This means
that if your phone is lost, you can lock it from a computer and the phone cannot
be accessed unless a password is entered. You also have the option to completely
wipe all information from the phone to prevent unwanted hackers.

Ease of Use

An app scanner is featured on this software application that automatically scans
everything you install on your device. All of the apps you download from the
Android market will be inspected using this scanner to prevent a virus or other
threat from weaseling its way onto your Android device. There is also an activity
log available that allows you to see the history of past scans.

Installation & Updates

Installing Micro Mobile on your Android device is quick and simple. QR codes are
found on the Mobile Trend website for quick and easy downloading. Just scan and
the code with your smartphone and the application is instantly downloaded onto
your cellular device. However, this mobile security software is only available for
Android devices, which we found as a major drawback. You need version 2.2 of the
Android OS or newer to use this software.

Technical Help & Support

Trend Micro offers several customer support options. You can reach a customer
service representative through email, telephone or even live chat support. There
are also several online helps available on the Trend Micro website including a
FAQs section. Although, even with the help options available, this application
didn’t receive full marks. After searching on the Trend Micro website, we could
not find a user manual for this application. We also didn't see a user forum on
the website to help provide additional feedback and advice to Trend Micro users.


If you have an Android smartphone and are looking for strong protection, the
Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition may have what you need. This device
features antivirus protection, along with call and text blocking, parental
controls and a built-in application scanner. We were disappointed to see no
firewall protection available and no access to a user guide online. But overall,
this mobile security software provides the protection you need to keep your phone,
and most importantly your data, safe.

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