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F-Secure Mobile Security provides strong virus and firewall protection.
Spam protection from unwanted messages and callers isn’t available on this security
The Verdict
F-Secure Mobile Security is a vastly improved mobile security program that is now
worthy of consideration.
F-Secure Mobile Security combines protection programming with a firewall to protect
your smartphone from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other mobile malware. In
previous examinations of this mobile security software, we found it to be good but
falling well short of the outstanding products we’ve reviewed. We’re happy to
report that the newest version of the product is markedly improved across the board.

While it still falls a bit short of the category leaders, it’s far more capable
than before. It has incorporated some advanced features only offered by a handful
of competitors and has expanded the operating systems that it supports. A remaining
drawback is that the software is more expensive than some better rated offerings,
a decided disadvantage in a highly competitive market.

F-Secure Mobile Security is effective at deterring and detecting viruses on your
mobile devices. It scans for and blocks viruses, spyware and other malware
applications and offers a firewall to help prevent unwanted access by such programs.
Surprisingly, it doesn’t offer protection against the irritation of spam through
email or messages. Similarly, it doesn’t block phone calls from unwanted parties
because it doesn’t allow for the implementation of black lists.

An unusual but potentially valuable attribute that we’ve found only in this mobile
security software is a new browsing protection feature. It identifies possibly
harmful websites that could install malware or compromise your online identity.
F-Secure Mobile Security automatically blocks such sites and, according to the
manufacturer, makes confidential information transfer, such as online banking,
more secure. The protection is provided in real time, so your mobile is
constantly covered.

Perhaps the most important upgrade to this program from previous versions is the
addition of remote anti-theft features and a GPS locator function. Now if your
smartphone is lost or stolen, the device can be locked to prevent unauthorized
access to your information or it can be completely wiped clean. With the
functionality, the location of the phone can also be pinpointed, provided the GPS
feature is activated.

The application’s interface is easy to navigate. The virus and other malware
protection programming runs continuously in the background protecting your device
and files at all times. You can perform on-demand scans anytime to check files and
folders on your smartphone or you can opt for periodic, scheduled scans. The
program protects the phones integrated memory and also memory expansion cards.
Installing F-Secure to your mobile device is easy though the program can only be
purchased via download. Virus definitions and software updates are completed
automatically every time the phone is connected to the internet. The program is
available for smartphones that use the Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian
operating systems. The firewall functionality is disabled on Android devices.

The software isn’t the only aspect of this product that’s been improved. Online
chat support has been added and telephone assistance is available 24/7. You can
also contact the company by email. Other helpful information can be found online
and in the FAQs section.
The improvement we’ve witnessed in F-Secure Mobile Security is remarkable. The
program has gone from being an also-ran to a real contender in the world of mobile
security software. Its browsing protection feature offers a dimension to the
category that will be welcomed by some users but others may find it too intrusive.
The program is defiantly worthy of consideration.

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