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This Webroot mobile security software features a built-in application scanner.
Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier is only available for Android devices, and
it lacks firewall protection.
The Verdict
This software offers basic protection but lacks all the bells and whistles you
will find on several similar products.
Keeping your personal data safe on your smartphone needs to be a priority. Malware,
spam and infected text messages are all threats to your cellular device. Webroot
Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier is a mobile security application that offers
antivirus and antispam protection on your smartphone. This application is only
compatible with Android devices, which is a drawback, and it doesn’t offer many of
the advanced features you can find on several similar mobile security applications.
But if you are looking for a basic program that protects your phone from
destructive security threats, Webroot may have the answer.
You never know when a downloaded app contains a virus or if a webpage is infected
with malicious threats. Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier offers antivirus
protection, which is designed to find the malware before it can do any damage to
your phone. It also features secure web browsing so you can browse the internet
on your phone without worrying about each webpage you access. Even though the
antivirus protection on this device works well, we were disappointed to see this
mobile security device does not offer any firewall protection.
One of the standout features available on this mobile security application is the
protection it offers if your phone is lost or stolen. You can use the
device-locate tool to find the location of the phone on a map. You can also use
the device-scream tool, which creates an alert sound. So whether your phone is
on silent or not, the alert will sound, helping you to find your phone. While your
phone is lost, you can lock the device, which denies access to all contents of the
phone. The only way to access information on the smartphone is to enter the
correct password. In addition, you can wipe the phone and delete all personal
information, in case your phone has gotten into the wrong hands or is otherwise
An app scanner is available on this mobile security application that automatically
scans any item you download onto your smartphone. This prevents viruses from
immediately infecting your phone and provides you with added security. This
scanner not only looks for apps that will destroy your phone, it also looks for
those that track your location, drain your battery life and even cost you money
without your knowledge.
Using Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier, you can block any text messages
or calls. This is a useful feature, especially if you receive frequent unwanted text
messages or calls that are costing you money. Unfortunately, Webroot didn’t
receive full marks for the features they offer on this application. There are no
parental controls available on the application. Parents cannot access the phone’s
history or set customized protection on the smartphone.
One of the highlights of Webroot is the excellent customer service they provide.
You can contact technical support through email, telephone and online chat. They
also offer a very detailed and extensive user forum so you can receive additional
support and advice from other Webroot users. In addition, there is a FAQs section
available on the Webroot website to help you with many of the questions you may
have regarding the software.
Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile Premier is a basic mobile security application.
It doesn’t offer you all the bells and whistles you will find in several competing
products such as firewall protection and parental controls. However, it does
provide excellent antivirus features, strong tools if the phone becomes lost or
stolen and an app scanner. If you are just looking for an application that will
provide basic protection for the information you store on your mobile device,
Webroot may be worth your consideration.

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