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Panda Security for smartphones
The combination of a state-of-the-art product and the best customized services make
Panda Security for smartphones one of the best and most complete security solutions
for mobile devices on the market.
Main features of the Panda Security for smartphones.
Its main features include:
* On demand scan of files. The on-demand scans allow you to check, detect and
delete viruses and other threats from different drives on your mobile device at a
specific time.
* File and message protection. Panda Security for smartphones protects your files
and inbound email messages and multimedia message from viruses and other threats.
* Wireless Protection. The wireless protection is a filter that detects malware
that can be sent o received using Bluetooth or IrDA technologies.
How the beta program operates
To take part in the Panda Security for smartphones, all you need to do is complete
the Registration Form which you will find on the Product Downloads page.

Then you will be able to access the product download.
We also offer you additional information about product installation, bugs detected
and the minimum functionality tests recommended by Panda Software.
* Check the technical requirements needed to install the product correctly.
* Information about installing the product on your computer to start the evaluation
* List of known bugs. Find out the known issues of the beta version detected in
  tests in our QA department.
* Tests recommended by Panda Software to ensure the product operates correctly in
  your working environment.
* Report of suggestions and incidents detected with the beta version.

Technical requirements
Minimum requirements of the smartphone:
* Operating system: Symbian OS 7.0, 7.0S or Symbian OS 8.0A,8.1.
* User interface: Series 60 (2nd Ed FP1, FP2, FP3).
* Storage space: 500 KB. free space in the telephone card.
Note: Nokia N90 smartphone is NOT supported on this Beta version.

Installing and uninstalling the product
You can download the beta version of Panda Security for smartphones here.
Follow these instructions to install the product:
1. Copy the downloaded file to your telephone under the name PandaSec.SIS
2. Run the file on your telephone.
3. A security warning appears. Select Yes to specify that you trust in the Panda
   Software file.
4. Select Install.
5. Accept the License Agreement and installation will be completed automatically.
   After installing the product, your telephone will be correctly protected.

The steps for uninstalling the product are:
1. When using Panda Security for smartphones Beta application, clic on Options.
2. Select Uninstall option and uninstallation process will start automatically.

Current Beta version updates only take place on demand when using a data connection.
In order to configure updates, follow these steps:
1. Select PandaSec icon on your mobile phone.
2. Go to Configuration option on the upper tabs using navigation keys on your phone.
3. Choose Update option and fill the required fields:

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