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Windows 7 & Vista Virus / Spyware Cleaning.



Pc’s, Smartphones and Mobile Devices open the door to your Work, friends,

family, bank details, etc... No matter which device you use, you need to

know how to keep your data safe.


Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (30 Day FREE Trial)


has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience.


Downloading (Free) Virus & Spyware Removal Programs

Our first order of business is to download the programs we will need. Many forms of

Malware (some designed to be invisible to the user) will hide in Temp folders, so we

will not download  programs to any Temp folders Because standard Malware

cleaning will delete everything in there. We will install and configure the programs

and then run scans in the C:\... This is the root directory Where Windows is installed.


Download the Programs listed below:  

-          CCleaner   (do not run yet) 
-          SuperAntiSpyware   (do not run yet) 
-          Malwarebytes Anti-Malware   (do not run yet)
*Rename mbam-setup.exe as a work-around for malware blockage…some
malware will block the setup file to avoid detection
-        ComboFix.exe   (do not run yet)
*Not compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows
*If you are running a real time antivirus (like AVG) you must disable it or you could
damage your system while running combofix
*The same problem may exist while running McAfee
*Kaspersky may get false detections from combofix.exe and catchme.exe as
Heur.Invader (infections)… ignore these false positives
*Some Firewalls may have to be uninstalled to run combofix.        
-     MGTools    (do not run yet)
*Download this and save to the root folder ( C:\ ) where Windows is typically stored.
You should have C:\MGTools.exe after download.
-     RootRepeal   (do not run yet)                     
      *Not compatible with 64 bit systems  
Disable The User Account Control   (UAC)

-     Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
-     In Control Panel, click User Accounts.
-     In the User Accounts window, click User Accounts.
-     In the User Accounts tasks window, click Turn User Account Control on or off.
-     If UAC is currently configured in Admin Approval Mode, the User Account Control
      message appears. Click Continue. 
-     Clear the Use UAC to help protect your computer check box, and then click OK.
      If it is already unchecked, then you should also notice a red shield with an X in
      it located in your system tray. Ignore any messages about the UAC being
-          Click Restart Now to apply the change right away. (Restart even if you did not
      make the above change, we need to be sure that a reboot has occurred since
      the first time that UAC was disabled.)
*Note: Do Not Continue Until The UAC has been disabled and you have rebooted
your system


Safety in Safe Mode

The moment you become aware that your system has random browser windows

materializing out of oblivion and your bandwidth mysteriously is being siphoned by

an unknown binary entity boot into safe mode; it varies with the type of PC you

have, but try hitting F8 during boot up. Safe Mode is a special diagnostic mode you

can boot Windows into. Windows loads and runs the bare minimum of services in

memory, neglecting all the extra stuff that usually loads up--in many cases, spyware

included--when you boot up Windows normally. 


Determine if it's a Virus or Spyware

It's not always easy to determine whether your PC is infected with a virus or

spyware. Often random browser windows materializing out of oblivion and your

bandwidth mysteriously being siphoned by an unknown binary entity may seem like

a virus. To determine (if your infected and) exactly what you're infected with you

will need to run virus scans. Also, gather as much information as you can and query

Google to see if any users are having the same problems and have any possible

solutions. You may find out more information about the infection plaguing your



When in Safe Mode, it's time to run a virus scan. Run a full system scan with your

anti-virus program set at its maximum scan settings; (consult its manual to learn

how to do this). If you have a massive hard drive, this may take an hour or more (for

each scan), so be patient. When each scan has concluded, delete any suspected

infected files and reboot into Safe Mode.  At this point you are going to install the

programs and run each scan one time.  


-     CCleaner   Unpack and analyze the temporary files on the system. You can

                        adjust according to your needs with passwords (for example), but,

                        clean out everything.


-     SuperAntiSpyware    Unpack and follow the on screen instructions to load…

                                        Update the Virus signatures and run a scan. Clear out all

                                        of the bad stuff. Obtain a log for analysis. Repair broken

                                        Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing, Task

                                        Manager and more with the Repair System.  


-     Malwarebytes Anti Malware    Unpack and follow the on screen instructions to

                                                      load… Update the Virus signatures and run a

                                                      scan. Quarantine all of the bad files. Obtain a log.

                                                      The system is probably pretty clean at this point. 

-         ComboFix  Execute the combofix.exe file. If Safe Mode is blocked, combofix.exe
                        will correct this. Finish all procedures and attach the log at the end. If
                        you have any problems running combofix, skip this procedure and 
                        continue on.   
                  -     RootRepeal     Run rootrepeal to get a rootrepeal log. 
                  -          MGTools     Run mgtools    
*Note: Each of these programs have tutorials which can be accessed if users run into
any difficulties following the on screen instructions. 

Determine If Your Still Having Problems with a Virus or Spyware

If you are still having problems, you can get expert log analysis for Free at the

support forums of Majorgeeks.com, Experts-exchange.com or

Bleepingcomputers.com. You will send them the logs from Malwarebytes

anti-malware, Superantispyware, ComboFix, Rootrepeal and MGlogs… Depending

on which forum you choose, make Sure you submit your query once and wait for

the experts to get to your problem. Sometimes they are near real time with their

response time and sometimes not. Be Patient. If you start multiple requests on the

same problem it will take them longer to assist you. Your other alternative is to take

your system in to a professional Repair shop and pay money for what can be

accomplished for free.


Problems Solved             
If you are no longer having any problems,
-          Enable User Account Control
      *Look into your system tray and locate the security notice alerting you to enable
      UAC… Click on it to bring your security posture back to normal. 

Depending on how long you have been infected with viruses, spyware, Trojans,

etc… this malware could have saved in your system through the System Restore

Utility. If this is the case it can re-infect your system. The Virus and Spyware

removal programs ran to clean out the malware did not have access to the protected

Directory of system restore. Disabling the System Restore removes all restore points.

This removes any infected restore points. We saved this for last in case of Disaster

(we still have a restore point).

-          Disabling System Restore
-     For Windows 7
      1. Click Start
      2. Right click Computer> Properties > Choose Advanced System
          Settings option in left menu listing.
      3. Click the System Protection tab
      4. Then highlight the drive you wish to turn off System Restore
          and click Configure 
      5. Then choose Turn off system protection
      6. Click Apply > OK
To re-enable follow steps 1 - 4 and then choose Restore system settings
and previous versions of files > Apply and OK
-     For Vista
      1. Click Start
      2. Right click Computer > Properties > Choose Advanced System
          Settings option in left menu listing.
      3. If the UAC enabled you will get a UAC prompt at this click Continue
      4. Click System Protection tab
      5. Then Untick any Drive Listed ( see pic below ) and in the popup
          window click Turn Off System Restore
      6. Click Apply > OK
To re-enable System Restore, follow steps 1-4 then Tick the Drives you
wish to enable System Restore on and click Apply and OK


 -          ***Disable System Restore, Reboot the system, then you re-enable
System Restore!!!  
Antivirus & Antispyware Certification Programs
When you're purchasing a trustworthy Security Application, confirm that
the program you choose has earned certification from ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin,
West Coast Labs, the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers, and
others that require antispyware and antivirus programs to meet stringent
requirements to receive certification.
Are Things Back to Normal
After performing all the above, do a normal reboot (not in Safe Mode) and
determine if your PC is still acting up. If you are still having problems, quite
possible your only other option is to completely format your Windows drive and
do a clean install. This last resort can sometimes be a pain to do and is time
consuming, to say the least, but you may notice that your PC has gotten back that
right-from-the-store spring in it's step! Don't forget to back-up your data first.
Good Luck!

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